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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why FSBO Does Not Work

dockside home for sale sign - house for sale in lake oswego - DSC01381 by sean dreilinger

One of the largest mistakes individuals make when promoting for sale by owner (FSBO) is underestimating the residence promoting process.  Everybody knows how the FSBO game gets played: You sign up with a FSBO magazine, you submit a photo of your residence, they run your ad in their magazine, give you a yard sign and away you go with whatever ideas you have to self-sell.  And for many that's where the fun stops and the difficulties start.

Why?  Simply because marketing a residence is a advertising problem coupled with fundamental technical problems several self-sellers never think about.  Can you sell your own home?  The short answer is yes. Nevertheless it is a good concept to wrap your mind around a few issues just before leaping into self-selling. 

A home is just a item and there are many competing products for sale on the marketplace all the time.  Most houses that are for sale tend to be listed with actual estate companies who have name recognition, marketplace share, big advertising budgets, enterprise relationships with mortgage lenders and trained agents to represent those properties, hold open houses, and finagle with prospects. Agents have some level of experience dealing with individuals, overcoming objections, selling and closing the deal. These are crucial advertising assets and resources most self-sellers lack.

Bear in mind a residence is just a solution and each and every item launch should be rolled out with a advertising program that includes advertising, promotion and sales representation. There are several various and cost effective techniques for self-sellers to roll out their home for sale but a detailed explanation of that topic is outside the scope of this article.  What is crucial to realize is that, as a house seller you cannot stand alone on an island and think you can do it all your self.  And here is just one example of exactly where you are going to will need help.

Eichler Home Owner's Service Policy (back) by atomicpear

1. Who is going to pre-qualify your purchaser just before you enter into a buy contract with them?

As a self-seller this is one of the largest "technical problems" mentioned earlier.  Why? Simply because it makes no sense to enter into a buy provide with unqualified purchasers and unless you are a loan officer or have relationships with a couple mortgage officers or know how to pre-qualify individuals according to home loan lending standards, you are accepting gives from people blindly.

Accepting offers from people blindly is risky business which can tie up your property for a long time waiting to discover out that your buyer is a financial dud.  So what do you do?  The answer is basic--talk to a few mortgage loan lenders in your area and create a relationship with them to pre-qualify your buyers Before you enter into legally binding contracts with them.

You need mortgage officers from 2-3 mortgage businesses and perhaps a banker or two.  Loan officers who work for mortgage loan businesses will be much more inclined to assist you deal with purchasers due to the fact that helps them develop a relationship with the purchaser/borrower which increases the probability they will get to finance the residence bank loan.  Why is this essential?  Because mortgage bank loan officers are on a commission and they eat when they close loans.

So mortgage loan bank loan officers will be enthusiastic about qualifying your potential home buyers.   The reason you want a bank or two to be obtainable is for your a lot more upscale consumers who prefer to get a home bank loan at a bank rather than a home loan business although there is actually tiny difference today. Many times loan officers are willing to meet your prospective house buyer at their office, at your home or at the purchasers place of residence.  And when you are marketing a residence the a lot more service you can supply your prospect the better.

We can show you how to list your residence with a actual estate business in the most intelligent manner so that you dominate the home marketing method, minimize marketing time and save money. Choosing the right Realtor is the smartest investment a homeowner can make. See our Fort Lauderdale Realtor page to learn more about us!